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Collective Worship

At St Mary's we gather together as a whole school or as a class for Collective Worship. Collective Worship takes place in different ways but always follows the same format. 

First we Gather together, here we might listen to a song or focus on an image. Next we listen to the Word of God. This might be a Gospel reading, a Psalm or another Scripture reading from the Bible. Next we Respond to the Word of God by saying a prayer, discussing what the Word of God means and sharing our ideas. Finally we Go Forth and spread the Word of God. We think about what actions we can do in our everyday lives that shares the Good News with others and helps us to live like Jesus wanted us to. 


Sometimes Collective Worship is lead by teachers, other times it is led by a whole class or a few individuals will lead a Collective Worship to the rest of their class. We love to share our class led Collective Worship with our Families. Click here to see what our families think of our Collective Worship. 

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