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Curriculum For Wales
Cwricwlwm i Gymru

The world is changing. There are lots of new challenges that will need new technology and new ideas. Our school aims to provide our children with the knowledge, skills and experiences they’ll need to succeed.


We’re committed to designing a curriculum that inspires, motivates and fills our children with the passion of life long learning. Our St. Mary’s curriculum is designed with our pupils voice at the heart of everything we do and is driven by the four core purposes;

·      Ambitious, capable learners

·      Healthy confident individuals

·      Ethically informed citizens

·      Enterprising, creative contributors. 

As well as learning literacy, numeracy and digital skills, there are six areas of learning and experience our children will explore, these are;

·      Science and Technology

·      Expressive arts

·      Health and Wellbeing

·      Humanities

·      Mathematic and numeracy

·      Languages, literacy and communication 

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