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Sports Ambassadors  



We are the St. Mary’s School Sports Ambassadors! We lead sports across our school and help our peers to develop a healthy and active life style. We aim to make sports exciting and fun so that everyone wants to join in! 

Some of the activities we have been involved in include; 

  • Holding an assembly for national skipping week  

  • Planning fun skipping activities and competitions

  • Monday sports activity  

  • Sports activity doing meetings onlin

  • Auditing our sports equipment and tidying the PE cupboard 

  • monitoring sports activities during lunchtimes 

  • Help promote a physical activity in school

  • Organise competitions within school

  • Work with Miss PB and  Mrs Robbins and other teachers to help with lunchtime games and manage equipment

  • Help encourage others to become involved in sports/ competitions

  • Help teachers to organise events such as Sport’s Day 

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