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Welsh Language 

At St. Mary's, we are committed to developing the welsh language and culture.

Welsh lessons are a weekly part of our learning here at St. Mary's. In addition to this pupils take part in daily Welsh activities. All staff use incidental Welsh throughout the school day and encourage our pupils to use Welsh regularly. Pupils learn daily Welsh songs, prayers and hymns and we seek every opportunity to use Welsh naturally throughout the school day. Each week our criw cymraeg team select Welsh speakers of the week across each class and we run Welsh competitions throughout the year. We even have a staff Welsh speaker of the week award decided by our Year 6 criw cymraeg members ... a very well thought after award! 

Curriculum Cymraeg 
Cwricwlwm cymraeg

In addition to learning and speaking the Welsh language teachers across each year group plan rich Welsh topics centred around Wales in order for our pupils to develop a secure sense of belonging and understanding of their Welsh identity. Our pupils learn about places around Wales, Welsh artists and important people, jobs in Wales and the history of Wales. Children are also taught traditional Welsh dance, songs and poetry! 
We celebrate special days throughout the school day such as Urdd, Shwmae Day, Eisteddfod, St. Dwynwen's Day and St. David's Day. Children learn about traditional Welsh food and enjoy cooking Welsh meals! 

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