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Educational Visits
Ymweliadau addysgol

Here at St. Mary's Primary School, we endeavour to provide our children with learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. I'm sure you will agree that many of our best memories from our own primary education experiences involve school trips we went on. School visits form an integral part of childhood and growing up. We use educational visits to inspire, education and engage our pupils further with their learning. 

Pupils are involved in planning their school trips and we listen to their voices when it comes to describing locations of visits. Our older pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 have annual opportunities to attend a residential trip, which develops their pupils confidence, independence and resilience through a range of team building exercises.


All classes across the school attend termly trips to places across Wales and Chepstow. These educational visits are planned into the school calendar and we take full advantage of local trips as well as grants to help keep the costs of these trips affordable for our families. We also kindly ask for family helpers to accompany our pupils and staff team on trips! 

Please click the below link to find out more about educational visits within Chepstow. 

Chepstow trips | St Mary's RC Primary (


Pupils enjoying their residential trip at Gilwern Outdoor Education Centre. 

Exploring their locality at Chepstow Castle.

Pupil leaders visited the Senedd to learn more about effective leadership.

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