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 Criw Cymraeg


Croeso i Hafan Criw Cymraeg!

Welcome to our homepage!


The Criw Cymraeg are a group of St. Mary's pupils  from each year group across our school, voted in by our peers. Our aim to encourage the use of Welsh around the school.

Activities led by the Criw Cymraeg 

The Criw Cymraeg are very active across our school. They meet weekly with Miss Way to work on ways of promoting Welsh in a fun and positive way around our school. Here are just some examples of what the Criw Cymraeg have been up to in the last few months; 

  • We are proud to sing our national anthem "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau".

  • We choose the 'siaradwr cymraeg yr wythnos' 'Welsh speaker of the week' within our class. 

  • We also choose the staff 'siaradwr cymraeg yr wythnos'. 

  • We help teach the new Welsh phrase of the week

  • We lead the children in saying our Welsh prayer.

  • We teach others how to play games in Welsh at playtime

  • We hosted a Welsh speaking stall at our summer fayre. 

  • We tested and reviewed new Welsh apps and websites.

  • Help organise and celebrate 'Shwmae Day', 'St. David's Day and 'Urdd'. 

  • Contribute to Whole School Gwasanaeth

  • Promote Welsh language throughout the school

Cymraeg Campus

Cymraeg Campus is a Language Charter which aims to inspire children and young people to use the Welsh language in all aspects of their lives. There are three awards to work towards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. At St. Mary's Primary we are currently working towards our Silver award. 

Siarter iaith Bronze award 2019

The Siarter Iaith bronze award, is a project introduced by the Welsh Assembly to all schools in Wales, to promote the Welsh language, to develop a Welsh ethos and encourage pupils to improve their Welsh language skills. The Charter provides a framework for schools to follow in order to achieve the awards.​ We were delighted to have achieved our bronze award in 2019, below is a picture of the criw cymraeg presenting the bronze award in praise assembly. 

     Gwobr Arian Siarter Iaith / Silver Award Welsh Language Charter

 We have started to work towards the next set of criteria to achieve the Silver Award. Criw Cymraeg will be very busy supporting pupils and staff to meet the challenges of the Silver Award. 

Here is a video that explains a little more! 

Here our criw cymraeg are holding a Welsh speaking stall during our recent summer fayre! 

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